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My website myndagá, has been live for almost 2 weeks now. The first week didn´t go well, the only sales I had that week were from my family, but this second week is looking a bit better. I have had a few sales this week, most are custom printing orders. So I am really happy I decided to print myself, I wouldn´t be able to have custom orders if I used a printing service.

I have had a few problems printing myself, the printer kept making print flaws, so I had to

send it to repair. It failed me on the only day I had 4 orders to print, but luckily I had another printer. Our family printer is also a photo printer, and it has surprisingly good printing quality. So now I have a back up printer, if I ever have the same problem again.

So I am feeling a bit more confident right now. The printer is working perfectly again, and I got thicker paper, so I am very happy with the quality of posters I am shipping out to my customers. I have also found out that I need to focus way more on custom printing, than selling nature and animal photography. So I need to buy more paper sizes, right now I only have A4 and A3 matte photo paper. But I calculated the price off a A5 photo, and the cheapest I can sell them for is 9 kr, which is way to much. I think danish printing stores can do it for less than 2 kr.

I hope that the sales of photography poster will pick up aswell, because that was the orignal idea. And I think that these photos are really good, and would look great on a wall somewhere. I am a bit confused on why they don´t sell better, it might be because I have alot off competion. But I am sure I have customers out there, I just need to give them time to find my website.

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